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  1. MeatEater says on :

    Hey Jeff.. i tried your jerky and its great. I am definitely going to order some more

  2. donkeyd says on :

    Jeff, i ordered a bunch of your tasty meat to give out for XMAS. It was the perfect stocking stuffer!!!

  3. craveyourmeat says on :

    This stuff is the best Jeff. Can’t wait to order more. I’ve told all my friends that you can’t beat your meat!

  4. Jason Bond says on :

    jeff I really love your jerky! just the thought of eating it gives me the goosebumps. i plan on eating your jerky daily, the taste is unsurpassed!!!

  5. Dan says on :

    Great Jerky! Need to make some in a bigger package! Will be ordering more soon!

  6. Jerk is King says on :

    May 10th? I can’t wait! Will be ordering copious amounts of meat. Great work Jeff.

  7. 1ball says on :

    love this stuff! need to get me some big bags of meat

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